ESA – Serenity In a Forbidden Place

Release Date: August 19, 2013
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Album Review

After two collaborative EPs on Rememory and Fina with Mervin Granger, Esa debuts solo on the cow themed Burek imprint and joins artists Kink, Toby Tobias and Snuff Crew as Snuffo to appear on the label. "Serenity 021" draws inspiration from Chicago house and '90s techno, with jacking percussion and linear ride cymbals elevating its already uplifting synths. Drums are sparse yet frenetic in "Forbidden Place", with quick-looping swirls of chordal stabs jilting in tempo throughout the mix; giving way to a croaking acid bass line and an obscure assortment of percussion and other sound effects. Fudge Fingers is this EP's remixer, supplying a rework to the EPs combining track "Serenity In A Forbidden Place", combining inflections of Jamie Principle house inspirations with Hercules' "7 Ways To Jack".
- Juno