Esa Bio 2019
Charismatic and energy-filled as a DJ, gifted as a producer, and driven as an educator, Cape Town born Esa Williams, has sculpted his own unique and expansive musical identity. As an ambassador for the South African music scene within the crowded landscape of European nightlife, he draws upon his cultural roots, his global travels, and the people he meets, to embody a sound without limitations.
Esa’s move to UK catalyzed his impressive and evolving musical output. After proving his natural ability behind the decks, Esa joined Scottish legendary DJ’s Harri & Domenic at the Sub-Club, and subsequently produced his own Rememory Music Label.
Esa’s global outlook has continued to expand. He has a strong following throughout Europe, only enhanced by his creative musical direction and releases, and has carved out a niche curating electronic music-focused educational programmes in Cuba, Brazil, East & South Africa. By sharing his skills and inspiring enthusiastic DJ’s and producers around the world, he too furthers his own knowledge.
Esa can be heard weaving together the tales of such meetings, and the resulting musical outcomes, on his monthly slot on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM. Committed to the concept of delivering a musical journey, Esa sparks intrigue in his listeners, asking them to accompany him as he creates something special  both in-studio and on the dance floor.
Esa has now in the midst of his weekly residency at Phonox, where he embarks on a weekly musical expedition, channelling his upbeat energy into each set, building to new celestial heights. The platform presents the opportunity to experiment, share incredible music, and to cultivate a safe space for release and euphoria.