A producer, DJ and curator, London-based South African Esa Williams is a true musical polymath. Fusing Kwaito house and afro disco with gritty techno and deep percussive grooves, Esa has carved out his own unique and expansive musical identity. Born and raised in Cape Town, Esa is an ambassador for the South African music scene in the West. Cutting through the noise of European nightlife, he draws upon his cultural roots, his global travels and the people he meets along the way to embody a sound without limitations. Esa’s move to the UK was a catalyst for his evolving musical output. After proving his natural ability behind the decks, he joined the legendary Sub Club, and subsequently became a young resident.

Years later, Esa’s strong European following remains loyal to the musical dynamism that fuels his creative direction and new releases. The same energy that sparked his niche - a series of electronic music-focused educational programs in East and South Africa, South America, and beyond. From a 2-day workshop in Cuba to a 6-week artist’s residency in Uganda to a chance collaboration with Mexico City’s unsung talent, this curated journey of musical discovery is also an opportunity to expand his own knowledge. Esa can be heard weaving together the tales of such meetings, and the resulting musical outcomes, on his monthly slot on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM. Ever-charismatic, he sparks intrigue in his listeners, inviting them to accompany him as he creates something special - both in-studio and on the dancefloor. A philosophy that’s supported by his weekly Brixton residency. Now, with clubs closed and the world plunged into a state of isolation, Esa has been forced to revisit the very togetherness that sets him apart. His latest project - a creative expression of his own experience navigating the global pandemic - pays homage to that, simultaneously acting as an outlet to hone his craft.

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