From the 'lost era' of South African Bubblegum pop to the new voice of Tanzanian dub disco, Esa has made it his mission to present rare musical artistry from around the globe.

Ntombi Ndaba & Esa’s Afro Synth Band

2019 - Present

"Ntombi was a real icon back then - one of three or four Black South African women that were discovered in the townships by playwright Gibson Kente. This project was a way to bring her back up."

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Amandla: Music To The People (Soundway)

2018 - 2019

“Amandla, Awethu” literally means “the power is ours” and is a chant I recall very well, mixed in with all the politically-charged sounds of the time, spanning Cape Jazz, Afro-Synth, Bubblegum, Chicago House, Kwaito and even Motown."

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Mim Suleiman

2014 - Present

"When I first discovered Mim's music I was blown away. It was this super groovy, super out-there afro acid tech. There were so many influences that I knew she was on another level, and that together we would take things to a whole other realm."

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Ata Kak

2016 - 2018

"I wanted to open up people's minds and make them see that these sounds - Hiplife, semi-rap, West African tape culture - are still possible. They can still be heard, still be performed and still be connected here with us."

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Highlife World Series

2013 - 2015

"To see a lot of the young artists that I've worked with - who used to sit in the background listening and asking questions - become a part of bigger movements and achieve amazing things, that for me has been so fulfilling."

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