“The idea behind my journal was simple really - to share whatever’s inspiring me or filling up my time and open up a forum for conversation, knowledge exchange and most importantly good energy.”

Album Of The Month: Sade – This Far

October 1, 2020

The first entry in my Album Of The Month series is a rule breaker, in that it isn’t an album at all. Arriving under the title ‘This Far’ is a newly announced boxed set which brings together all six of Sade’s studio albums, opening with 1984’s Diamond Life and concluding with the most recent entry in the canon, Soldier […]

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Creativity Uninterrupted : #1

How have you been recently? These are turbulent times, to say the least. In conversations with friends and family, there is a frequent theme of aimlessness and concern about how to act and stay productive. I’ve been wondering, where do we go from here? It can often be hard to focus on your creative output. […]

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